Meet Maryanne Sayers

Australia’s leading baby sleep educator

Maryanne Sayers has worked with hundreds and hundreds of families over the last decade to find the perfect sleep routine for babies and toddlers. She's passionate about providing parents and parents-to-be with the right knowledge, understanding, and confidence in setting up a consistent sleep foundation for their little ones.

Maryanne Sayers is a certified Baby Sleep Consultant and a member of IHPI (International Health and Parenting Institute) and the APSC (Association of Professional Sleep Consultants). Maryanne lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales with her husband, Scott, and her two children, Bethany and Tyrone.

As one of Australia’s leading voices on baby sleep, Maryanne has been featured in national media including Kidspot, Studio 10, New Idea and Offspring Magazine. She's a regular columnist for parenting magazines and a frequent guest speaker and contributor at many community parenting forums, workshops and seminars. In 2019, Maryanne was invited to be a keynote speaker at a toddler health and wellness conference in Doha, Qatar.

Babies know how to sleep and they're superb at it. It's parents who don’t know how babies sleep.

- Gabrielle Weil

Maryanne's baby sleep philosophy

There is no such thing as a baby or toddler who hates sleep. Babies aren’t born as terrible sleepers. Yet society and community constantly re-enforces that message to parents that babies don’t sleep well and to be prepared for ongoing sleep deprivation. Maryanne feels very strongly about all of the mixed messages that parents are receiving when it comes to sleep and routines for babies.

Every person you speak to, every online forum or social media post and thread you read, every professional you might seek guidance from – they are all telling you something different. So much conflicting information out there, the baby sleep world has gone completely mad ! And it’s parents who really struggle as a result of all of this. Parents are overwhelmed, confused and not sure what to do. They are trying a million different things. New parents are going into parenthood under-prepared and with zero confidence in relation to their baby’s basic sleep needs, and how to align with a baby’s naturally occurring sleep, feed and wake patterns.

Some of the messages being given to parents are:

  • Babies don’t need a routine until they are 6 months old
  • Babies won’t sleep well for at least a year
  • Feed your baby every time they cry, on-demand and around the clock because this is what they need
  • It’s biologically normal for babies and toddlers to be awake for long periods throughout the night
  • Get used to being sleep deprived – it’s part of parenthood
  • Some babies just don’t need much sleep
  • Many babies are early morning risers at 5am, it’s normal
  • Some babies just won’t sleep until 10pm at night


The above statements just are not true.  Babies NEED to sleep and in fact, babies WANT to sleep and CAN sleep. And they can do it very well. However, if poor habits are undertaken from the beginning, then parents will be caught in exhausting cycles for weeks, months and even years.  If you have been struggling for a long time, don’t worry – Maryanne will get it all sorted for you and re-set everything.

In all her years of working with families, Maryanne’s teachings and philosophies have never changed. And they never will.  Why? Because Maryanne takes everything back to basics for parents, the way it should be. Her approach is straightforward and common sense, based around your little one’s basic needs with their sleep / feed / wake cycles and setting up the right Foundations. In working with Maryanne, you can cast everything aside that you have ever been told and instead follow clear, consistent information and guidance. You will finally have knowledge, understanding and confidence with your baby’s / toddler’s sleep. And that will be an absolute game changer.

Statistics - Galaxy Research

In 2016, Maryanne was involved in commissioning and conducting an independent Galaxy Research poll on the effects of sleep deprivation for Mums of babies from birth to age 3.

Click below to get access all the key findings from that research.

Alarming statistics indeed, and Maryanne aims to change this with all the families she works with. Everything comes back to parents getting the right education form the start, and this is just not happening. And this is why society has, in Maryanne’s opinion, the most sleep deprived generation of babies and parents ever, and this situation is getting worse for parents all the time.

Here are just a few of the statistics:

95% OF MUMS OF BABIES / TODDLERS aged 0 – 3 years, say they have experienced negative consequences when their baby was unsettled and not sleeping well. Some of these negative consequences include sleep deprivation, exhaustion, relationship tensions with their partner, anxiety, feelings of failure and also feelings of resentment / irritation towards their baby.
85% OF MUMS were confused around the best practice / approach for getting their baby to sleep.
1 in 5 NEW MUMS experienced severe depression / post-natal depression when their baby was unsettled and not sleeping well.

Chronic daily sleep deprivation is not a normal, natural state for the human body to be in…so don’t let anyone tell you it is

- Maryanne Sayers