Essential Foundations Program

All the tools and resources you need to transform your baby’s sleep and routine forever, on-demand.

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Essential Foundations Program - Videos + eBooks

Sleep Begins Here !!! These video and e-book modules are the main content for the Essential Foundations Program. All presented by Maryanne. Here you will learn all about the Essential Foundations that are needed for your baby / toddler to be able to sleep well and be in their natural sleep, feed and wake patterns. Start with the Foundation # 1 video module and e-book, and work through each of the Foundations videos and e-books in numerical order 1 through to 6.

Important for each Foundation, you watch the video first, then read the e-book. The link to each of the e-books is under each video. Once you have watched / read all video and e-book modules 1 through to 6, you can watch the Foundations Summary video. After watching / reading the Foundations modules, make sure you also read through the PDF resources titled “Foundations Extras” and “Breaking Cycles for Existing Sleep Issues”.

Downloadable PDF Resource Documents

Foundations Extras
Now that you have watched the Foundations video modules and read through the Foundations e-books, this PDF resource document is some additional general information to read through to provide some extra information and guidelines around your little one’s sleep and routine. Make sure you have a read through!
Breaking Cycles for Existing Sleep Issues
This PDF resource document will help you with any existing or developing sleep and routine problems you and your baby or child may be struggling with. I will cover all the common sleep and routine issues I see, day after day, and tell you what changes need to be made so the issues are no longer issues.

Baby and Toddler CPR / First Aid Video Presentation

We don’t ever like to imagine this, but would you know what to do if your baby or toddler was in a medical emergency? This might just be the most important video presentation you EVER watch and it is a must for any family who has a little one.

Downloadable Charts/Guides

These charts/guides are for your reference to assist you and can be downloaded.

Breast/Bottle Feeding Guidelines
Guide to 24 Hour Sleep Totals
Uptime Guidelines