Introducing the Maryanne Sayers Baby Sleep Essential Foundations Program

This one-of-a-kind comprehensive online baby and toddler sleep program will change the lives of sleep deprived parents everywhere. READ ON!
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Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

You’re struggling to have any sort of consistency with your baby’s routine.

Your baby or toddler has random sleeping patterns through the day and night.

Co-sleeping with your baby is your only viable option.

You resort to methods such as driving the car aimlessly to get your baby to sleep.

You’re constantly having to feed your baby to sleep.

Your baby or toddler can’t fall asleep on their own.

You’re up and down throughout the night to a crying, unsettled baby.

You’re pregnant, soon to give birth and feel overwhelmed and confused about how to manage your new baby’s sleep and routine.

You’re suffering from severe sleep deprivation yourself and/or you are just struggling to cope.

If you can relate to any of these, you're in the right place.

There's no baby on this earth who hates sleep​


Struggling to get your baby to sleep? About to start your parenthood journey?

Transform your life, today.

The Essential Foundations Program developed by Maryanne Sayers, is now available !!!!

If you are struggling to get your baby or toddler to sleep, you are not alone. Thousands and thousands (and thousands!) of parents everywhere are struggling. Sleep deprivation can be a tipping point for clinical depression, post-natal depression, anxiety, chronic exhaustion, relationship issues with your spouse / partner and feelings of resentment and irritation towards your baby / toddler. Quite simply, sleep deprivation is horrendous for parents and for babies.

This is exactly why Maryanne has developed the Essential Foundations Program. ALL of her instruction, guidance and expertise is here for you in easy-to-access, on-demand content in this comprehensive video-module / e-book program. This program is clear, consistent and common-sense. It is everything she has been educating families on for over 15 years. Not complex, confusing with multiple options and approaches. There is NONE of that.

Maryanne takes everything back to basics, the way it should be. There is also LOTS of extra exclusive benefits and inclusions that you will receive with the program including a range of great baby / toddler sleep resources, access to Maryanne’s exclusive and private Facebook community where she will be hosting regular Live topic talks and also weekly Baby Sleep Live Q and A sessions with you, as well as a bonus 40 minute video presentation on First Aid and CPR for the baby / toddler age group presented by a Senior Paramedic (which could just be most important video you EVER watch !) It is the program Maryanne recommends for any parent of a baby / toddler from birth to age 3 who is having issues with their sleep and wants to get it all on track. Also, if you are pregnant and soon to have your baby, this program is perfect for you as well.

With the Essential Foundations Program….. Sleep Begins Here !!

(For those who are seeking a personal consultation, Maryanne also provides a comprehensive individual consultation package)

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A happy, well-rested baby =
happy, well-rested parents

- Maryanne SayerS

Maryanne's approach

I have worked with thousands of families over the years, and what I can say with absolute certainty is that for your baby’s natural sleep, feed and wake cycles to be in their easy, consistent and natural pattern – everything comes back to the fact that the “Foundations” need to be in place. If the Foundations are not correctly established and set up properly, your baby / toddler will not be able to sleep well or consistently and they will end up on very overtired, messy cycles very quickly. With the right EDUCATION comes the right KNOWLEDGE. With the right knowledge comes the right UNDERSTANDING. And with understanding, comes CONFIDENCE. Knowledge, understanding and confidence – how good does that sound !! With my Essential Foundations Program, you will receive:

Simple, clear, and straightforward education.

One approach that applies to all ages – the ‘Foundations’.

Basic, traditional common-sense principles that were part of previous generations.
Fast results/outcomes. Experience improved sleep in days, not months.
Long term transformation instead of short-term fixes.
On demand access to all the tools and resources you need for better sleep.
Stop feeling exhausted and stressed.

Access the support you need today.




This is it – the Holy Grail of Baby / Toddler Sleep !  This is EVERYTHING you need to transform your baby’s / toddler’s sleep forever. Every piece and every part of Maryanne’s expertise and education is right here for you, in this comprehensive, easy-to-follow online digital-content program. It’s all you will need !!  There is no other program like it out there. (Suitable for parents of babies / toddlers from birth to age 3, as well as expectant parents).


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