Amazing! 4 weeks later and we are still consistent with Maryanne’s recommendations and our daughter is getting the sleep she so desperately needed (as are her parents!!). Please don’t hesitate to contact Maryanne, I considered it when my daughter was 18 months old but decided to ‘ride out the phase’. I finally got around to contacting Maryanne when we were truly desperate at 27 months and only wish we had not delayed. She put me at ease straight away and gave me such confidence that we could do this. DD certainly protested but it was actually much less than her frequent tantrums, which have also now decreased. She even wakes up happy! Thank you so much Maryanne, it literally changed our lives.

- Karina

After 16 months of broken sleep every night we were desperate to get our boy sleeping through the night. I knew I needed help but I live in another country where the culture is very different and also in another language. 

So I sought out Maryanne after a recommendation from a girlfriend and we had our initial meeting on Skype. Admittedly the process was a little bit more difficult due to the time difference but I felt supported by Maryanne the whole time and most importantly Mateo is finally sleeping through the night! Thank you Maryanne!

- Penny

Maryanne saved us! I cannot recommend her enough. My son (8 months at the time) only slept on me during the day and co slept with us at night. He also had a dummy and was a very very over-tired baby. 

With Maryannes help from night 1 he sleeps 6pm to 6am in his own cot and day sleeps in his own cot and no longer has a dummy! It’s made the world of difference for all of us. 

Thank you Maryanne

- Kristy

- Kristy

Maryanne was recommended to us by a friend who hadn’t actually used her services but had heard of the amazing work she was doing. We had a 10 month old boy who wouldn’t sleep although very tired and reached out to Maryanne hoping she could help us. 

Quin is now sleeping soundly around 13 hours at night and having two long day naps. In two weeks we have come a very long way from 20 minute naps and numerous wake ups through the night. Our happy boy is back and so is my sanity! I cannot say thank you enough Maryanne! It was so great to have some direction and support.

P.S I am sitting here writing this with a cup of tea and piece of cake while both kids are having their afternoon nap #winning

- Claire

I cannot describe what a positive difference contacting Maryanne made to our household! Our 3 month old son started waking very frequently at night and has been a notorious cat napper during the day so we all got to the stage of terrible sleep deprivation and we just kept reinventing bad sleeping techniques and habits. 

Maryanne was quickly able to identify red flags in our processes and helped us to set it up correctly with a detailed plan. We started seeing improvements already after the first 24 hours of the plan and It has been a life changer for us. We are all so much happier and our son is finally getting the sleep he needs! Maryanne has been very supportive through the change and we will certainly keep in touch once our son is going through the future development milestones! 

Thank you so much!!

- Magda

After getting help from Maryanne with our daughter, we knew that when our next one arrived we would again ask Maryanne for advice. I was so glad I had organised a consultation with Maryanne as the first week at home was tough. Trying to settle a newborn whilst entertaining a toddler was not easy. 

We have now been following Maryanne’s routine for two weeks and our little boy is doing really well, and is able to settle himself off to sleep. Plus we are now able to give our toddler much more attention. 

Maryanne is amazing, and I would highly recommend her, especially when juggling more than one child.

- Charlotte

Just wanted to say a very big THANK YOU to Maryanne for her specialist help, continued support and advice in setting a solid foundation for our 18-month old’s day and night sleep routine. 

Being first time parents, we thought what we were doing was correct, however some things needed to be tweaked. Our little one is now having a day night and sleeps through the night. It’s truly amazing. Something I never thought I would see or could happen. 

We are back to be a happy household!

- Anita

Our daughter is full of energy & from day 1 constantly seeks stimulation. After 13 months of very little sleep & being awake for 7 hrs a night we called Maryanne. 

Within 3 days our daughter was sleeping through the night & within 6 weeks she was having a regular day sleep (she’d NEVER slept in the day before). 

Maryanne changed our lives enormously – my only regret is not having called her sooner.


- Lauren

Having relocated overseas to Europe (Austria_, becoming a mum for the first time was a daunting prospect so i contacted Maryanne thanks to a friend’s suggestion. 

Even though we were miles apart, Maryanne was able to guide and support me through the difficult times with my baby girl. Having taken Maryanne’s advise, I now have a happy and chilled out three month old who sleeps soundly and settles without any issues. 

- Kristy

- Gabby

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