Is your baby sleeping?

No ? You have come to the right place !

If you have a baby / toddler and are having problems getting them to sleep, you are certainly not alone. Many parents struggle through each day, trying anything and everything to get their infant to sleep.  It becomes an exhausting and relentless cycle and it’s not just first-time parents either. Many second and third-time parents find themselves going down the same path and falling into the same patterns that they went through with their first baby.

Often, parents don’t speak up about the issues they are having as they feel embarrassed and don’t want people to know they are not coping.  Or they are not sure if the difficulty they are going through in trying to get their baby to sleep is part and parcel of parenthood and that sleep deprivation is something they have to get used to (it’s not by the way!).

Whatever your
situation,  Maryanne
is here to help you

Can you relate to any of these?

If so, stay right here, Maryanne can help you.

  • You are having problems getting your baby / toddler into a consistent routine
  • Your baby / toddler is up for hours at a time through the night and / or day
  • You are unable to put your baby into their cot or bassinet to sleep
  • Your baby / toddler only sleeps for 30 to 45 minutes at a time during the day
  • You are exhausted and at the end of your tether because of your baby’s lack of sleep
  • You have to rock your baby to sleep in your arms before transferring to cot or bassinet
  • You have to hold your baby on your chest for long periods of time whilst they sleep
  • You find yourself rocking your baby’s cot or bassinet until they fall asleep, even if this takes hours
  • You are co-sleeping with your baby / toddler (not by choice, but out of desperation)
  • Putting your baby / toddler into the car and driving around aimlessly until they fall asleep is a regular ritual for you
  • You are breast or bottle feeding your baby / toddler constantly around the clock day and night in an effort to try and get your baby / toddler to sleep

Don’t struggle on anymore.  Reach out.
Maryanne Sayers is here to help you.

Are you pregnant, or have a newborn baby ?

Would you like to have the knowledge, understanding and confidence to set up your new baby’s sleep and routine from the very start?

Maryanne will have you on the
right path from Day One !

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